Women's Bible Study

Women's Bible Study

Every Friday, from 06/19/2020 to 07/10/2020, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: LIVE Broadcasting (Simulcasting), via Facebook, Youtube and this Webpage, West Palm Beach, FL US 33422

Website: http://oasischurchintl.org

This is a 4-week journey through the book of Ruth. It is regarded as one of the most beautifully written stories in the Bible.

Teacher: Pastor Marsha Turner

Ruth portrays a marriage between Ruth, the young Moabite woman after whom the book is named, and Boaz, an upright and worthy man, who takes Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, into his home.

This picture of marriage is meant to show God's redemption and foreshadow a greater marriage, a greater story of redemption that we see in the Bible--God's plan for redeeming mankind through the person of Jesus Christ.

Over the four weeks, we hope you:

  • Learn how to read narrative in the the Old Testament better
  • See God's plan of salvation more clearly than every before
  • Grow closer to God and others
  • Are stirred to engage those far from God and invite them into His bigger story

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