Small Groups

Oasis Small Groups meet bi-weekly and are designed for the growth and development of the attendees. We'd love to have you take part! Search available small groups below and contact the leaders to get connected.  

Renewing, Releasing, Restoring

This small group is for Married Couples with Children. Topics of discussion: Communication, Finance, Submission, Parenting, How to Encourage one Another, Prayer, Oneness, Blended Families and Fitness. Families will leave each session revived, strengthened and knowing that they have an extended family they can rely on.

Meeting Dates: Biweekly; Thursday at 7:00 pm.

Securing Our Singles

This small group is for Singles and focuses on developing singles who are whole, confident and living Kingdom lives on purpose. Free of baggage, unforgiveness and self-sabotaging behavior. Confident in God’s love, purpose and plan for your life.

Meeting Dates: Bi-weekly; Thursday at 7:00 pm 

Forerunner Fridays

Forerunner Fridays is a welcoming place for Single Parents and their Child(ren). Parents are able to connect with others, and children can connect/bond with other children; Children will have an activity that will speak to their artistic side and/or teach them about teamwork; This will be a place of refuge, strength, healing, and accountability; All will learn & grow together.

Meeting Dates: Biweekly; Friday at 7:00 pm

Good Stewards

This small group is for Adults of All Ages. The objective the group will be to first share the importance of God trusting us to be good stewards of the gifts he has given us specifically, financial. To understand this, we must first bring into focus how much waste exist in our households. Other topics of discussion inlcude: how to become fluent in establishing budgets, creating short and long-term financial goals, and the definition of meaningful sacrifice.

Meeting Dates: Biweekly; Thursday at 7:00 pm

How To Discover Your Purpose & Pursue It

This small group is for Adult of All Ages. In this 8 session workshop, we will be pulling back the covers and allowing God's true purpose for our lives to shine through. This group is designed for those who are struggling to find a sense of fulfillment, lack of direction, or need help pursing your dreams. Each session builds on the next until you are equipped with the wisdom needed to confidently take hold of the purpose God has for your life.

Meeting Dates: Biweekly; Saturdays, times vary contact leader for schedule.