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He Meets You in the Way

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A number of us are waiting for the angel of God to come down from heaven and tell us where we must go and how. Meanwhile, God is saying "Go thine way until I come for you." God has already given us instructions through Jesus and His Word. We have been saved. We must go out and save others too. But this instruction is not enough. We sit and ask God where our rent money is, what about the pills for our illness, what about the spouse that should encourage us, even what about the light in the darkness that proves to us that You Jesus are really here when we pray? In Matthew 6, Jesus said that God already knows what we have need of, but we must seek first... So, what way are you going?

Exodus 14:15 always makes me chuckle. Read it. "Why are you crying out to me?" God is saying you already know what to do and have all the tools you need. In Acts 8:26-40, though the angel specifically told Philip where he must go to meet the eunuch, in verses 39 and 40, when Philip "found himself in Azotus," he did not kneel down to pray and say "God, when next is your angel coming to tell me where to go?" The Word says he spread the gospel as he went on his way till he got to Caeserea. Philip knew what the constant command was: the Great Commission of Matthew 28.

Are you really waiting on God or is God waiting on you? Are you willing to trust Him with all the personal stuff in your life, while He trusts you with the "personal stuff" in His "life"? God's people are important to Him. Some of His children are lost. He would like you to bring them back home like a good sibling (brother or sister). Yes, that illness pains you and weighs you down so much. Yes that relationship or potential relationship is causing you grief. Maybe you feel like God has forgotten you. Know that you are on His mind, but He needs something from you. Isn't it interesting that of all the times Hannah prayed to God to give her a child, it was not until she said she would return the child to God for His services that God "remembered" her?

I have been there and I sometimes fall back into the "Lord, when will you answer this personal prayer for me?" feeling. When I feel so tired and so pressed, on my knees in tears for an answer, I remember that God is also asking me to answer His own requests to me. When I shift the focus off myself, to pray for my local church and the saints around the world, when I begin to pray for my ministry, for my siblings and parents, for the young men in the prisons, when I begin to thank God for what He has already done, then my head is lifted up and I feel the strength to carry on through my day. 

God will surely meet you as you obey Him. Amen. 

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